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What is the difference between English curriculum and Bilingual curriculum

Both classes have the same settings, such as the Montessori curriculum and teacher-child ratio, theme cycle, PE program. 

The differences are below.

English classes consist of more international students, in which we currently have over 10 nationalities. Children may use only English with a native-speaking main teacher. 

In Bilingual classes, the main teacher is Vietnamese and we have English lessons daily with English teacher. Children will learn Vietnamese and English at the same time. 

English Preschool Program (18-36 months)


The toddler program is offered for children from 21-36 months. Class is held from Monday to Friday with an optional half day or full day class.

We assist children toward independence, social awareness, respect, and the development of motor skills and language skills. Maria Montessori asserted that human beings develop with the greatest intensity during the first three years of life; therefore, toddler classrooms are designed to provide nurturance, security, and challenge in an orderly environment. The Maximum number of children in each Toddler class is 12 or 15 with 3 trained teachers. 

English Kindergarten Program (3-6 years old)

The kindergarten curriculums offer for children from 3 to 6 years of age.

The full-day program starts from 9:00 - 3:30 which includes two recesses, lunch and nap/rest time. The teacher to children ratio in each classroom is 1:5 with 2 or 3 trained teachers who are also required to possess a Bachelor’s Degree and get a Montessori training course from Vietnam Montessori Institute. The multi-age classroom allows the children to teach and learn from one another by building confidence and self-esteem.

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