summer camp

To register for summer camp, please complete the Saigon Montessori Summer Camp Registration Form. After completing the online registration, families will receive an email confirmation and an invoice for the total cost.


Week 1 | June 28 - July 2 | Fun with food |

From the kitchen to the science lab, food can teach us so many things! Join us for a week of tasty and unique food challenges.


Week 2 | July 5-9 | Celebration of Nations |

In this amazing summer camp week, campers will embark on an adventure around the world learning about the culture and traditions of different countries including their festivals, food and flavor, popular sports played in each country, and traditional dances from each country, all while learning a new language!

Week 3 | July 12-16 | Prehistoric Adventure |

Ever wondered what it was like to live thousands of years ago? Hop onboard our time machine and find out! We will explore prehistoric times as we play ancient games, create caveman art, hunt dinosaur eggs, and build a time capsule. Come along for the ride!

Week 4 | July 19-23 | Reptiles and Amphibians |

During this week, campers will learn about reptiles, amphibians. Have hands-on experiences with our collection of native and exotic reptiles. Explore pond and forest habitats. Catch some cool creatures. Learn the importance of respecting and conserving nature. Feed their favorite reptiles, play games, and make crafts to bring home.

Week 5 | July 26-30 | Goin’ Green

It’s more important than ever to teach children the importance of going green. By helping to instill a sense of pride in being eco-friendly, kids can learn at a young age to actively protect their planet.

Week 6 | August 2-6 | It’s Shark Week |

Join us for a captivating week full of the ocean’s most feared creatures. But is there actually a reason to be afraid of these animals? We will find out this week as we face our fears and use knowledge to make informed decisions about the dangers of sharks.

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