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Saigon Montessori International Kindergarten

Saigon Montessori International Kindergarten

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SMIK is a school model that we are pretty keen on for Tri An during his early years. Here, we don't find much of "technology gadgets", teachers are willing to interact and give opportunities for kids to work on something physically. I appreciate your personal care of our kid as a distinctive individual, which gives him more rooms to develop his personalities. My kid loves it at school as he usually gets up eagerly every morning and ready for the new day at class.

Thank you again for your assistance along the way!


My best regards,


Tri An's mom

Vietnam / International Montessori class

Hsiu Yi had a really good year in Lamb class. Everyday she was so happy and excited to go to school. She loves all her friends there. And her best friedn, Ms. Geena, is such an experienced teacher. 

She loves children and always knows how to handle children's demand and emotion. 

We are very pround Hsiu Yi's huge progress in English and cognitive development. 

Hsiu Yi's Mom

Taiwan /International Montessori Class

Tabitha did not start school until summer course at SMIK,


when she was 2.5 years old. She cried a lot during the 1st week, Ms Geena and her team was very kind and extremely patient to help her gain confidence in and comfortable with the new environment. The level of communication between Ms Geena and our family exceeds my expectation, e.g. weekly report with detailed lessons, comments on progress and pictures printouts,


so I know exactly what she did at school and how she enjoyed her class. Although already a fan of Montersorri, I am thrilled to see the variety of activities and lessons Tabitha had in class.


SMIK is definitely a great school, Ms Geena and her crew do not only know the method, but they also put their hearts into raising the children.

Ho Dieu Van, Tabitha's mom

Malaysia / 2016 Summer camp

I am so pleased with Yukino’s improvement ever since she joined SMIK at age 3. She started to speak English little by little. Every day she has come back with lots of stories of what she has been doing and just how much fun she has had. She has made lots of friends and has loved all her wonderful teachers. She has shown much improvement in her speech that now she can construct a full sentence in that one can understand what she means.

She loves writing, drawing and listening to story books which are read to her. Especially she loves the sand paper letter activity at SMIK. I think SMIK has many fabulous activities. She sometimes surprises us by using certain words. One night at dinner, I was speaking to my husband and mentioned about the universe, and then she says “Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, …”, and then she starts rattling off the names of all the planets in outer space. 

Needless to say, we are floored…

I am very thankful to teachers especially teacher Nicole and Gigi for their hard work and support. Her school pictures show that all students are having a lot of fun. I am grateful that her school life could bring a lot of changes to her. Thanks once again. 

Yukino's mom

Japan / International Montessori class

After half year Thao Nguyen has been attending SMBK (Saigon Montessori Bilingual Kinder), she is more confident, and learn a lot of things from school. Every week, through the pictures that teachers shared, parents understand what the children study in school.


Nowadays, the school has link google drive to update the children's activity that is very convenient for the parents. The newsletter helps the parents to prepare well for the next theme. 

Teachers of the school are young, enthusiastic, and qualification. Special, knowledge about Montessori education. So, parents very believe in school.

Nguyen Vu, Thao Nguyen's parents

Vietnam / Bilingual Montessori class

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Good day, 


I would very much like to say a very big thank you to the SMIK team for the warmth and standard of care my son have received since he first joined a years ago. I have nothing but praise and gratitude for the way the whole team works, from the way we are greeted to the wonderful things they do with the children to help them develop.


Kaffka has come on brilliantly since starting here. He loves attending every day and is given loads of opportunities that he would otherwise not have.  It may not look like much from the outside, but inside the play areas are lovely, warm, cosy, friendly, welcoming and well-equipped with age-appropriate toys and activities being available. They play outside every day regardless of the weather which I find wonderful. 


All the staff and teacher are extremely helpful and approachable and have always been willing to discuss any concerns in a kind, caring manner, well known about individual children's needs and keep parents informed. 


Knowing that my son is safe, cared for and really happy has been a weight off my mind. I cannot recommend this wonderful team enough.

Thank you!


Ms. Karisma M, Kaffks's mom

Indonesia /Regular Class

I am writing in response to school's commend and feedback for my child, Christopher.

 Firstly, we can clearly see that christopher enjoys school. He has learnt a lot of things such new 

words,vocabularies and daily skills...he getting along well with school routine and i'm really happy with his school report recently.

  Secondly, school doing well as keep the children safe. At first we still a bit hesitate to send him to the  field trip :) but over time we feel safe leaving him at school every morning. I can see Montessori is improving positively...Great job!

   Finally, we fully understand that christopher is a clever boy but full of energy and he is distracted easily . At home,we still struggle making him tidy up his toys after playing or follow the commandment.

He oftens argue to do things the way he likes. So i suggest that we both try to work on it,maybe a bit more discipline :) 

 I would like to say thank you to all the school members for have been supported him all this time. 

 Yours sincerely, 

 Quynh Nguyen., Chris mom

Quynh nguyen, Emily and Chris mom

UK and Vietnam / Regular class

Hello.. Moms

I am from Korea and i have two girls, 9years old and 4years old. My first kid, 

Erina was the first member from opening SMIK. At that time she was 7years old and didn't speak English at all.


But she learned English from many activities and Montessori materials with Ms. Heather and Ms. Gigi. They are teachers like mommy or friend. So Erina can adjust well school life and now she doesn't have any problems with English in the elementary school. Erina still miss SMIK life.

The second kid, Juin is also SMIK student. She goes SMIK from 24 month to now. She cried so much from getting school bus during the first 2 weeks.

But Ms. Genna and her assistant teachers were taking care of Juin like mommy. Ms. Genna has also many kids, so she knows well how to handle kids. I think she is veteran.


So now she is a kind of staff in SMIK and is lever up class. Ms. Gigi teaches not only academic sections but also good manners in the school like how to share with friends, follow rules and table manners etc.


I am happy with Juin's huge improvement. So i want to recommend SMIK to all moms for searching kindergarten.

I really appreciate SMIK team and Ms. Julia.

Ms. Cho, Erina and Juin's mom

Korea / Regular class

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