Principal Message

I studied Psychology at university and honestly I did not have much interest in early childhood education until I had my own child. When my family moved to Seattle, Washington in 2008,

I started to study the Montessori training course at the Montessori Teacher Preparation of Washington for 2 years. I am a qualified international teacher as a Directress from the Montessori Institute of America (MIA). 

I was quite shocked when I saw children in a Montessori classroom for the first time. They were so different from what I expected them to be. They looked confident, paid attention to what they were doing and were so respectful to each other. I fell in love with the Montessori method immediately.

I spent a few years with wonderful children at 3 private preschools in Washington. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to experience the Montessori Education in Washington for over 6 years, and I am extremely happy to share it with the teachers, parents, and students that are eager to learn in Vietnam as well. 

Now I am the founder of the Vietnam Montessori Institute (VMI) to train the teachers and make sure of our education quality.  

 I feel so privileged as a director of a preschool to see children who grow up as real members of our world day by day.


 Parents, enjoy your precious time with your children.

 The first 6 years are too short and so fast.  

                                                             Julia, Gook Kyung, Lee